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When I learned that my husband was having an affair, I was overwhelmed by my extremely strong emotions. In addition to that, the situation brought up a lot of childhood abandonment issues. There were days when it took everything I had to even get out of bed. EFT was a lifesaver. It calmed me down, enabled me to take care of my children, and helped me make better decisions. I used it every day in between sessions with Nancy. Between EFT and Nancy's guidance, I was able to feel like I could have a life again.
Lucy B.

What if change is possible?
Nancy Privett - Energy based therapies

Infidelity Trauma

An Overlooked Trauma

To get a better idea of how EFT is used with infidelity trauma, read "An Old Trigger: Fear from an Old Infidelity Trauma Leaks into a Present-Day Situation," on the Articles page.

The trauma caused by infidelity is often overlooked. Infidelity can be a devastating blow and can result in classic symptoms of trauma. The act of betrayal, the keeping of secrets, the ripping apart of commitment vows � all have the potential of creating a trauma energy field in your energy system.

While you are carrying the energy of the trauma, you do not have access to the clarity you need to make decisions. It may be difficult to control your feelings and actions, or even to get on with your daily life. You may feel rage at an overwhelming sense of violation. There may be a tape that doesn't stop running through your head concerning one or more aspects of the infidelity itself, or how you discovered it. You may also have strong judgments and criticisms toward yourself, saying things like, "I should have known." Your self-esteem may plummet, you may feel like your sense of power is leaking out of you, and there may be a lot of confusion about the next best step to take. In addition, you may develop physical challenges that are directly connected to your feelings about the infidelity.

Collapsing the Trauma Field of Infidelity

If you have experienced infidelity in a primary relationship, and find that you have several trauma symptoms, you will benefit from using Energy-Based Therapies to rebalance your system.

Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, is the premier method for collapsing the trauma field so that you can move forward with your life. Using EFT, you will be able to dissolve the negative images, stop the self-defeating thoughts, control your negative feelings, and neutralize the traumatic memories. EFT can also be used to find the emotional anchor of any physical challenge that is attached to the infidelity. Once the emotional anchor is cleared, many times the physical challenge clears also.

The Reactivation of Childhood Trauma from Infidelity

The trauma of infidelity can reactive childhood trauma that has not been dealt with thoroughly. Feelings of abandonment, betrayal, and not having your boundaries respected can be triggers to old, unprocessed trauma that you experienced years ago as a child. What happens then is that you are not just dealing with all the consequences of the present-day infidelity, but also are dealing with feelings that were overwhelming and felt life-threatening as a child. This is a double whammy, which can bring you to your knees.

However, by using EFT to collapse the present-day trauma, you will also access whatever needs to be processed and collapsed from the older trauma. The healing of one can activate the healing of the other, so that you emerge from your ordeal even stronger than before.

An Opportunity to Reconnect with Your Power

Once your energy system is realigned and you are standing on your feet again, Energy-Based Therapies will assist you in your decision-making process and self-examination in order to create your life in a positive way.

As difficult as a traumatic experience like infidelity is to get through, once you are on the other side of it, you may rediscover aspects of yourself that have been previously buried. I call this Gathering the Gifts -- the evidence of the astonishing power of the human spirit to realign itself after crisis and continue to grow and thrive and expand into a broader consciousness.

To get a better idea of how EFT is used with infidelity trauma, read "An Old Trigger: Fear from an Old Infidelity Trauma Leaks into a Present-Day Situation" on the Articles page.