What if change is possible?
Nancy Privett - Energy based therapies

Gathering the Gifts

Buried Treasure

For more information on this concept, read "Gathering the Gifts," on the Articles page.

Here is a surprising thing about trauma: in working with it in order to come back into balance, you sometimes find a gift you did not expect.

I once worked with a young woman who had a difficult childhood. After volunteering at an orphanage one day, she had a revelation. She said to me: "I now know in the core of my heart that grace can enter our lives through our wounds."

When grace, which lays buried beneath your pain, is accessed, the facts of any difficult history remain the same, but your attitude toward your history -- your perception and definition of it -- changes. You discover qualities you did not know you had. You feel stronger, more whole, more at peace. Negative beliefs which had been born from your wounds, dissolve and are replaced with beliefs of a higher vibration.

A Strange Paradox

This kind of healing experience comes from a profound and seemingly paradoxical idea: that your wounds can bear treasure, that something which hurts can contain gold. This would mean that there are much deeper, non-linear interpretations of your own personal history than you are used to assigning. Your job is to journey through the unexplored underworld in order to retrieve the bounty.

Healing the trauma that has brought you to your knees brings you in contact with the astounding possibility that it is through the vehicle of your test, trials and trauma that you can recognize the miracle of who you really are. You are given an opportunity to redefine your crisis, disease and pain as chariots that can convey you to your destiny of freedom and magnificence.

Helping You Spin Straw into Gold

My work with you, using Energy-Based Therapies, is to help you spin straw into gold. To help you transform trauma into treasure, lack into fulfillment, chaos into serenity. To help the wounded places become so strong that you give out that strength to the world.

For more information on this concept, read "Gathering the Gifts," on the Articles page.