What if change is possible?
Nancy Privett - Energy based therapies

Conscious Creating

Your Power to Create

When you have been suffering from the effects of trauma, wrestling with negative feelings, or dealing with physical challenges, it may seem like the life you really want is far, far away. This is especially true because old, negative patterns of thought and action are firmly set in place. In order to change these patterns, you need to know the basics of conscious creating.

One of the most impelling challenges of our present time is for us to fully understand our incredible and perfectly natural power to create. This means the power to create our lives in a way that allows us to feel joy and harmony, freedom and exhilaration, while at the same time always moving forward toward becoming a wiser and more passionate and compassionate person.

The Life You Want Is Attainable

Conscious creating is actually an age-old science, and the principles are just now beginning to reemerge into the planetary consciousness.

By teaching you these principles, such as the Law of Attraction and The Law of One, I can help you to create new patterns that make your life easier. And once you know the concepts, you can apply them to any area of your life.

My work with conscious creating is based on the Abraham-Hicks material, as well as the teachings of the ancient wisdom schools.

Advantages of Working with Conscious Creating

With Conscious Creating, you begin to understanding yourself and your world as energy, which gives you more insight and perspective into what is happening and your response to it. Conscious Creating teaches you to deliberately direct your electromagnetic force to create the life you choose.

As you apply the principles of Conscious Creating, you learn to pay attention to your emotions as indicators of your alignment and learn to maintain a healthy "receiving" frequency. You learn about the magnetic power of your thoughts, as well as the language of subconscious communication.

Most importantly, you develop a relationship with your superconscious aspect your Higher Self or Inner Being which allows you to have access to the guidance and support that is just for you.