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River of Light: The Movement of Energy from the Crown Chakra to the Root

by Nancy Privett, MA, EFTCert-I, BBSH

A version of this article originally appeared in the June-July 1996 issue of New Consciousness Newsletter.

The Flow of Light Through the Body

We are going to take a trip through the body’s chakra system, beginning at the crown chakra at the top of the head. 

Energy comes into our bodies through any of the seven major or twenty-one minor chakras, and as it does, it is pulled into flow patterns created by the spinning of the chakras.  The overall picture of the energy flow is like a complex, richly detailed tapestry, a beautiful dance of light and magnetics, sound, color and texture.  There are many appropriate pathways through which the energy travels, and one of the most exquisite is a passageway where high vibrational Light energy comes in at the crown chakra and flows like a river down through the physical body, distributing its gifts as it passes through each chakra center.

When energy comes into the crown chakra at the top of the head, we usually refer to it as Light, which means it has a very spiritual texture to it. The energy of the crown chakra describes our direct relationship with God, the Divine, heaven -- whatever term best describes our image of the highest spirituality we can imagine. Energy that enters the crown is very high vibrational, spiritual energy. 

This Light energy brings with it the vibrational equivalent of many virtues or qualities which can be embodied in human existence.  The vibrations of each of these virtues matches up with a specific chakra vibration, and indeed each chakra has the seeds of specific virtues contained in it.  So as the Light travels downward through the body, it distributes itself among the chakras, depositing the energetic equivalent of each virtue in its appropriate energy center.  At the same time the Light energy awakens the seed of each specific virtue in its corresponding chakra. 

For example, the energy of the quality of harmony, as it passes through the heart, will awaken the seed of harmony that already exists in our heart chakra.  As the Light energy is circulated in the heart chakra, our own seed of harmony begins to germinate and flower.  The flowering energy radiates outward, so first we feel the sense of harmony within us, and then we begin to bring it out so that people in our presence are affected by it also.  This radiation continues, affecting the web of energy by which all life is connected.  The flowering of our seed of harmony eventually has an effect on all of creation.

Activating Our Qualities

When Light enters the crown, it brings with it the quality of union with the Divine, allowing us to remember that we have individuated (not separated) from a breathtaking Divine Power Source.  It brings us the virtue of faith, which allows us to let go of our fears and live in the present moment, and it begins the passage of grace through our body.  It also connects us with the superconscious aspect of our being, and strengthens the relationship we have with this part of ourselves.  The superconscious is sometimes called the Higher Self, or the Inner Being, and is the non-physical part of us that is directly connected with Source Energy.

At the energy center between the eyebrows, the sixth chakra, the Light bestows upon us the virtues of understanding, insight and wisdom.  The virtues of understanding and insight allow us to make sense of recurring patterns in our lives and increase our reflective observation so that we can draw inferences about our life’s learning paths.   We begin to cross-reference and connect events and, as is stated so well by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi in Adam and the Kabbalistic Tree, “understand the inevitability of cosmic mechanics.”  We begin to experience in the moment the significance and symbology of every single detail in our lives and to see how each event weaves into a grand design.   The quality of wisdom allows us to know how to solve our problems, sometimes from a completely different or unthought-of perspective.  Wisdom opens us to our deep inner guidance and points us in the right direction.

As the Light energy passes through our fifth chakra, at the throat, it resonates to us the qualities of honesty and responsibility, as well as strength and mercy.  The bestowal of Light energy in the fifth chakra supports us in speaking the truth, to ourselves and others, and accepting responsibility for every single one of our thoughts, words, and deeds.  We also accept responsibility for the way that we are creating our life and are energized with the realization that we can become the person we want to be. The free flow of energy through our throat center allows us to respond to our life experiences with a balance of discipline and loving kindness, as well as a balance of strength and mercy. 

The heart center, the fourth chakra, resonates to the virtues of love, harmony, beauty, balance, and invincible strength.  Loving fully all of creation (that includes ourselves!) naturally brings harmony, beauty and balance into our lives.  The energy of love also bestows upon us a strength that has nothing to do with “power over” and everything to do with an unassailable power of being fully connected both to the heavens and to the earth. We know how bright and beautiful the world seems when we first fall in love.  Allowing Light energy to gush into our heart chakra without impediments, and fountain out unrestrainedly would mean feeling that eros all the time. 

As Light energy continues to flow downward into our third chakra at the solar plexus, it brings with it the virtues of empathy, patience, constancy and giving.  These qualities are to be applied to ourselves first.  We need to be empathetic and sensitive toward ourselves. Just like a good parent, we need to be patient and to be able to nurture and give to ourselves in a constant way.  When we do this, we automatically begin to radiate these qualities out towards others.

Light coming into the second chakra area in the lower abdomen brings with it the energetic equivalent of the qualities of equanimity, vitality, creativity, peaceableness and cooperation.  Equanimity allows us to interact in a healthy way with our emotions, using the energies of our strong emotions to support our vitality and creativity.  We move into a state of peaceableness when our ego begins to be influenced by our Higher Self.  At this point we no longer need to become involved in power struggles and we can begin to germinate the seeds of cooperation and community throughout our being.

As the Light energy finally reaches the first chakra, all the qualities begin to be physically manifested in our lives.  So, for example, the harmony from our heart and peaceableness and cooperation from our second chakra manifest as getting along better with someone with whom we had a previously difficult relationship.  The Light energy in this chakra also presents us with the gifts of stability and spontaneity -- the ability to be grounded and centered, and at the same time have the spontaneity of a four-year-old.

The Positive Impact of Energy Flow

The unimpeded flow of Light energy from the crown center down through the body has a powerfully positive impact on the health of the body.  The lack of any of the above-described qualities in our life means that the corresponding energy center is vibrating at a lower than optimum rate.  When that happens, eventually the physical body vibrates at a lower rate also, which sets it up for disease.  Another avenue to understanding our disease/crisis/pain might be to investigate our relationship with the qualities associated with the energy center where the dysfunction is manifesting.  We must always use compassion when we do this.  We are all learning to embody more and more of these qualities, and wherever we are with regard to learning about them is perfectly fine, and exactly where we should be.  Disease comes many times as a warning light to alert us to our negativity, not to condemn us for it.  Learning to let go of negativity is part of the human experience.  We are not responsible for our disease; we are responsible to it, to use it to become more conscious and subsequently to enjoy life more!

What if we made it one of our jobs to be conscious of this energy movement from the crown to the root, and to begin a practice of bringing the energy down into our bodies and radiating it out on a regular basis, so that it became as involuntary as breathing?  In this way, we would be real-izing spirit into matter.  This is the work of the new astrological age which has been dawning since the mid-twentieth century -- we forge an unbreakable bond between the spirit aspect of ourselves and the physical vehicle.  We live, work and play in the world of matter always remembering that we are spirit, always remembering that we are more than our physical bodies, more than our habitual narrow views of life.  Remembering that we are part of a great, pulsing, multi-dimensional experience that offers us limitless possibilities.