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Nancy Privett - Energy based therapies

Energy Medicine: The Good Vibration

by Nancy Privett, MA, EFTCert-I, BBSH

A version of this article originally appeared in the July 1995 issue of New Consciousness Newsletter.

Our present-day medical model views the human body as an intricate machine.  This view is based upon Newtonian physics (remember Issac Newton and the laws of gravity?) which sees the world as a complex mechanism, orderly and predictable.  Newton made observations of nature (the apple fell from the tree) and created mathematical laws from what he saw, which enabled scientists to predict how the universe would behave.  The science of medicine naturally based its views of the human being on this mechanical model.  The Newtonian model, however, had no explanation for the mysterious “life-force” which is apparent while we are alive, and quickly leaves the physical body upon our death.
Then along came quantum physics, with a new scientific concept which said that all matter is energy.  The quantum physics view sees everything in the universe interconnected by a web of energy.  It is just now that some scientists and physicians are beginning to apply this energy viewpoint to the human body and ways to heal.

For the most part, the medical establishment is still very deeply steeped in the Newtonian viewpoint.  Drugs and surgery target the parts of the human “machine” that are not working, and either cure the dysfunction, or do not.  As we know, this works only to a point, and many times we are left to live with our illnesses or the consequences of surgery and powerful chemical medications.  Additionally, what is still being ignored is the presence of that mysterious vital force which instills the human “machine” with life.

There is now a new scientist/physician/healer who uses the quantum physics view of matter as energy to define and understand the human being.  This new thinker sees the human as a complex energy organism which continually interacts with and within a universal energy field.  In this view, the physical body is just one aspect -- the physical aspect -- of an individual energy field which penetrates and surrounds the body.  Dr. Richard Gerber, physician and author of Vibrational Medicine, calls this “multi-dimensional anatomy,” and from this perspective, the vital life-force can be defined as an energy consciousness.

You’ve heard of the human energy field before; it’s also called the aura, and it has been recognized for thousands of years, usually by Eastern schools of philosophy and medicine.  You’ve heard questions about “What color is your aura?” and statements from people who can see this higher energy body. 

Actually the aura, or human energy field, is much more than a color.  It is defined as a complex interplay of different frequency energies which includes templates (patterns) for our physical body, our emotions, our thoughts and mental images, and our spirituality.  Its complex description emerges from ancient texts as well as the continuing exploration of it by medical intuitives and clairvoyants, as well as scientists.  Dr. Gerber’s book describes many experiments concerning the study of the energy field around lifeforms, but also the attempts to develop a technology which would allow us to “see” the energy field, in much the same way that a CT Scanner allows us to see into the physical body.  This kind of state-of-the-art technology has yet to be developed.

What does this energy definition of a human being mean for medicine?  If the physical body is continually interacting with its energy field, it would mean that the energy field has implications for the health of the physical body.  If all matter is energy and vibration, then there is another world to be explored and defined in terms of our medical models.

If the energy field is the template for the physical body, that means that if a dysfunction in the energy field is perceived at its onset, it is possible, by manipulation of the field, to prevent illness before it manifests in the body. Once a disease has already manifested in the body, manipulation of the energy field helps restore the body to a state of health.  If the energy field includes not only the physical, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual energies of a human being, then we are able to begin to clearly see the inter-relatedness and ramifications of our emotions, thoughts and spirituality with respect to the health of our bodies.  And if we are essentially vibration (energy), then how about vibrational therapies, such as Emotional Freedom Techniques, in the treatment of disease?

Actually, there already are people healing their illnesses in this manner, and increasing their consciousness as they do so.  There are also many vibrational remedies available to use in conjunction with western medicine, remedies which reduce or eliminate the need for drugs and surgery, and are usually called alternative therapies.  Here is a whole new vista for our world of medicine.

Health Care of the Future

Considering this new concept of health, what would our health care of the future look like?  Maybe like the following.                                                                       

You go to the health center for a check-up.  You have had chronic sore throat problems for several years, are occasionally depressed, and lately feel a lack of enthusiasm for life.  You enter the large open diagnostic testing area.  A circular machine is put into place around you about four feet away from your body, and the technician begins a print-out on the quality and flow of the field of energy which penetrates and surrounds your body.  There is no need for protection from radiation or any concerns about the effects of the test on your body, since the machine does not interfere with or invade your field of energy, but merely “reads” it.

Your physician/healer who interprets your report immediately, discusses it in detail with you, pointing out the places where energy flow is deficient or distorted, and where the quality of the energy needs to be improved.  She is concerned with one specific area over your throat where the energy patterns are especially distorted and show the potential for tumor growth.  Although no symptoms of cancer or growths are present in the body, your physician discusses how this distorted flow, if it continues, may manifest as a growth in the throat area in the next six to twenty-four months.

Your physician talks with you about what might be anchoring your energy distortion, such as imbalances in your relationship dynamics with others, persistent negative emotions, unprocessed trauma, and  limiting belief systems.  She explores genetic factors, environmental pollution, chemical toxins and dietary deficiencies as also playing a part in your energy field imbalance. 

The first thing your physician prescribes are sessions with an energy counselor to help you uncover the emotional anchors of your distorted energy flow.  The counselor works with you with another version of the diagnostic machine which read your energy field in the first place.  Using this second machine to read your field via a large television screen, you are able to see the immediate changes in the flow of your energy field when you voice, or even think, certain negative beliefs and or bring to mind certain images or memories.  You see how the field becomes aligned when you use energy-based therapies such as Emotional Freedom Techniques.  You literally see the distortions in your field collapse and the quality and flow of your field improve.  You get a clear and startling picture of how your negative beliefs are affecting your health, and for the first time begin to understand the statement:  “Every thought is a prayer.”   You are taught how to use EFT tapping techniques on your own and also create simple positive affirmations relating to your issues. 

Your physician prescribes certain inexpensive homeopathic remedies and flower essences, as well as some herbs and vitamin supplements that will support the realignment of your field.  The vibration of these remedies matches a healthy vibration for your energy field, so that the choice of remedy and dosage is as specific for you as possible.  None of the prescriptions are synthetic; they are all made from natural sources, and all support your own innate healing ability by strengthening your immune system.  Your physician makes it clear that you have a natural healing system, and that everything prescribed will be done so with the intention of bolstering and supporting that healing system.

A dietary counselor helps you plan a menu for the next several months which will not only fill your dietary needs, but begin to help correct the energy imbalances noted by providing foods with certain vibratory rates.  You will continue dietary counseling sessions to learn how to begin to shift the way you eat to a more healthy pattern.  The energy-field-reading machine is also used in your dietary classes.  You can see on the television screen how eating processed food immediately decreases the healthy flow of energy in your field, and how other, natural foods add to your healthy vibratory rate.

For home use, you are given a CD of tones which help to balance and correct distortions of the field by re-vibrating it.  You may also have sessions with a healer who uses laying-on-hands to realign, clear, charge and balance your energy field, and move you to deeper levels of the intention and soulfulness of your being.

You participate in an exercise and movement program at the health center, take classes in meditation, and use the center’s copper-walled meditation chamber several times a week.  Since you work indoors at a desk job five days a week, and do not get enough natural light, you have photostimulation sessions which replicate the vibration of solar energy coming into your eyes to charge the pineal gland.

In one month you go back to the health center for another reading of your field to see what has changed.  You discuss the changes with your physician/healer and she alters the prescriptive remedies to fit the new status of your field.  You continue working with your energy counselor, using EFT to discover and collapse negative views about life which you have been holding since you were a child, and begin to understand the detrimental behavior that stems from those negative views.  As you continue using EFT, that behavior and your perceptions of what is stressful in your life also begin to change.  In six months, there is no indication of potential tumor growth in your energy field, your chronic sore throat has disappeared, and you are feeling more energy and a new freedom and growth of consciousness regarding your life.  You have acquired new healthy habits and use the health center as a resource and education center, not just a place to visit when you are sick.

Does this sound like a futuristic movie?  Maybe so, but it is also the future of medical care as science and medicine begin to find new pathways for healing as we enter into a new evolutionary cycle.  The quantum physics view of the universe as energy is leading us to revolutionary ideas about the way we function as human beings and how it is possible to create our own health.

You Are Your Energy Field

The example given above is based on the concept of a field of energy which surrounds and penetrates, and is actually part of, the human body.  In other words, we do not “stop” at the edge of our physical bodies, but continue, as less dense, higher vibrational beings, to a point approximately one to three feet from the actual physical body.  This field of energy contains “who we are” on all levels—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  So not only are potential, or already-manifested, physical diseases present as distortions in the energy field, but so are any emotional imbalances, negative mental images and disconnections from our spirituality, any or all of which underlie the physical disease.  The correction of these distortions brings us back to a state of health — a much broader perspective of health than we have now, since we usually limit our idea of health to the physical body.

There are people who are able to perceive someone’s energy field, and this is also something which you can be taught to do, for yourself and others, with varying degrees of proficiency.  Perhaps the most efficient and objective way to “read” the field would be with state-of-the-art technology, as described in the above example.  Our present technology with regards to this is not nearly as refined and sensitive as it will become.  In the meantime, many of the prescriptive remedies described above are ones that you can pursue right now.  These remedies are safe and inexpensive and support the body’s own ability to heal.