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Nancy Privett - Energy based therapies

Energy Literacy: How We Direct Energy

by Nancy Privett, MA, EFTCert-I, BBSH

Sending an Arrow of Energy

Did you ever think about someone only to have them call you a few minutes later?  Or spend several weeks imagining that something would happen, and then it did?  Or stare at the back of a stranger in a crowded room and have the person turn around and look right at you?  What was really taking place in all these cases has to do with how we innately and many times unconsciously direct energy.

Quantum physics teaches that everything is energy.  All physical substance, all our thoughts, all our feelings – everything is actually a vibrational force.  As human beings, we have the ability to direct this force.  We do this all the time without even being conscious of it, and we do it merely by focusing our attention on something.

Directing energy can be likened to shooting an arrow, with whatever we are paying attention to as the target.  We focus on the target and send an arrow of our energy toward it.  If we think of energy as a series of frequencies or vibrations, we can get an idea of what this might look like were we able actually to see energy as a visible substance.  For example, during the day a mother begins to think fondly of her five-year-old daughter who is in kindergarten, and the mother wonders what her child is doing.  This thought is actually like a ribbon or streamer of energy that emanates from the mother and travels, via the universal energy web, to her daughter.  The fact that the mother’s thought is encoded with love for her daughter will impact the child favorably.  A young child, who is more connected to her innate intuitive abilities, may actually, on some level, be aware of this ribbon of energy reaching her.  She may “feel” her mother thinking fond thoughts about her and be comforted by it.

Here is another example.  A woman sees the back of a man from across a crowded room and something about the way he is standing and the wave of his hair attracts her attention.  She begins to wonder who he is and stares intently at his back.  Within thirty seconds, the man turns around and, even though the room is crowded, he immediately looks directly at the woman.  The woman’s attention on the man and her concentration in wondering about him was so focused that she actually sent out a streamer of energy toward him.  This energy streamer first brushed, and then penetrated the field of energy around the man.  He turned around because he felt this, just as he would feel a tap on the shoulder.  He intuitively followed the energy streamer to its source and looked directly at the woman.

This is the way that prayer works.  Our prayers have an energetic form, and are like showers of pure, high-vibrational positive energy which are directed toward our target – the person or person for whom we are praying.  The deluge of well-intentioned energy has the potential to bring order, or coherence, to any chaotic energy connected with the receiver.  And the more emotion that the prayer has behind it, the more powerful an impact it has.  The order that prayer can bring can manifest in the recipient’s life as many things, such as the easing of a burden, the ability to have a guiding insight, or simply a feeling of being loved.

Consequences of Directing Energy

The directing of energy can be particularly powerful between two people who are relating to each other.  I remember one incident many years ago when I was talking with some friends.  There was one man in particular who had the habit of sending very forceful directed energy from his sixth energy center, also called the third eye.  When he wanted someone to pay attention to him and agree with him, the streamer that he sent out looked more like a hook which would penetrate the other person’s third eye area and begin to “entrain” the energy there to flow along the same lines as his thoughts.  As he began to engage me in conversation, I could sense this happening.  My reaction was a rather inappropriate quick burst of anger and, without even thinking about it, I blasted the man’s own forceful energy back to him.  When this blast hit his third eye, it actually forced his head back physically, as if he had been hit.  He sat there for a moment dazed and confused, then looked around at everyone and said, “What just happened?”

This kind of story reminds us that the way we direct our energy has consequences.  If all our thoughts, words and deeds are energy, we need to be very careful about the quality of those thoughts, words and deeds.  We may think that a negative thought about someone has no consequence.  However, energetically, things that do not have a visible, concrete form are just as real and can have the same impact as the concrete.  If we throw a rock at a window, the window can break.  If we direct a thought of a certain negative vibration at another person, the thought can also have a shattering effect.  If we could draw a picture of the energy of a negative thought, it might have sharp edges and ominous configurations.  These travel just as easily as the high vibrational energy of prayer and hit the target just as well.

If we are tempted to send a few of these negative frequencies to someone, we would do well to remember a few things.  The first is that whatever we give out, we get a hit of ourselves.  The energy of our thoughts is generated from our energy fields, which permeate and encompass our physical bodies.  To send out a negative configuration of energy, we manufacture it in our energy fields first, and the negative energy first permeates and fills our own field.

Something else to remember is that when we send energy to another person, we create a bond or energetic cord with that person, like a road for the energy to travel on.  So, if we send love, we enjoy the pleasure of an energetic cord between ourselves and another, and through this cord feelings of love can travel back and forth, to the benefit of both ourselves and the other person.  However, if we send hateful energy, we create a bond or cord that is programmed to allow hateful energy to travel back and forth between ourselves and the other person.  We are actually linking ourselves to this person more securely, and opening ourselves to receiving the negative energetic configurations of the other person’s hateful feelings.

In addition, because all energy is connected by a universal energy web, when we send hateful energy to another, it will travel beyond the recipient.  Its poison will flow through the entire energy web.  We will have increased the amount of negative energy in the world and that energy will eventually end up back at our doorstep, flowing not only to us, but also to our loved ones.

Energy Follows Attention

There is one basic rule to remember when we want to become more conscious about where and how we direct our energy: Whatever we put our attention on is receiving our energy.  The energy of our attention serves to “feed” our target.  So, whatever we pay attention to, we strengthen and build.  If we want to strengthen and build positive things, we need to pay attention to those positive things, or images and thoughts of them.  When we constantly focus on what is wrong with our lives, we support that negativity to continue.  Not only that, we help it to grow!  I have always thought that it would be quite interesting, and perhaps appalling, to get a computer print-out of everything we have thought, spoken or acted on in a twenty-four hour period.  Then we could clearly see where our attention has been focused, and what we have subsequently made more permanent in our lives.  This is why a simple exercise like counting our blessings can have such a beneficial effect.

The ability to consciously and compassionately direct our energy is something that we will all learn about more thoroughly in the new evolutionary period that we have recently begun.  It is a way that each of us, as individuals, can make a positive difference in the world and contribute to the creation of healthy global community.