EFT for Positive Change

I was out-of-state, visiting with friends, when I woke up with unexplained panic and shaking. I called Nancy and we began using the Emotional Freedom Technique over the phone. In less than 15 minutes, all symptoms subsided and I felt a rush of relief and peace. Since then I have used the technique successfully on other issues.
Marie W.

Thank you for helping me with the trauma of the auto accident. My heart is filled with gratitude. I went home and slept better then I had been, with less pain in my right side. I awoke with more energy and a more positive outlook. I am very happy to say that the auto accident is behind me, along with the pain.
Carolyn F.

What if change is possible?
Nancy Privett - Energy based therapies

Adult Trauma

The Adult Trauma Field

Adult trauma can come from various events, including combat; accidents; disasters; physical, emotional or sexual abuse; illness; the diagnosis of a serious illness; or anything that leaves you with a sense of dread, hopelessness and powerlessness. No matter what the cause, when trauma is experienced, trauma symptoms result.

When adult trauma is not processed, you carry around with you all of the negative emotions generated at the time of the trauma in the form of an energetic "trauma field". In addition, the adult trauma field contains the sights, sounds, kinesthetic sensations, and smells that were present during the crisis. There are also levels of information, how the event was "wired" into the brain, the resulting brain chemistry imbalances, the impact on your nervous system, and the impact on your spirit.

The good news is that the entire trauma field can be collapsed and your energy system rebalanced.

The Trauma "Piggy-Back"

Many times adult trauma is experienced more severely because of unresolved childhood trauma. There can be a strong energetic connection, much like a heavy chain, linking past traumatic events to the present-day trauma. When this is present, you are actually dealing with two traumas one from the present and one from the past. This "piggy-back" effect exacerbates the symptoms and can feel overwhelming.

When traumas are linked in this manner, the healing of one trauma usually generalizes to the other. So, working on either the present-day trauma or the childhood trauma has a healing effect on the other.

Healing from Adult Trauma

As with any trauma, the premier method for healing adult trauma is Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT. EFT has the ability to neutralize the trauma energy field so that the traumatic events no longer have the ability to disempower or imbalance you in any way.

The gentle elegance of EFT allows you to clear the traumatic event without having to "relive" it. There is no need to jump "feet first" right into the trauma; everything is done according to your comfort zone. When administered properly, EFT does not re-traumatize. In my experience, EFT is the most effective and efficient method for collapsing the trauma energy field, and it is a modality that you can use on your own at any time.

Gathering the Gifts

Healing from adult trauma can have profoundly unexpected results. Having survived something so difficult, allows you to take the next step thriving. The gift of healing makes you stronger than you were before you experienced the trauma, and gives you the opportunity to give out to the world not only what you have learned from your healing journey, but also to share the qualities (which you may not have known you had) that allowed you to survive.