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Nancy Privett

As a child, I was always aware of "the energy around things." As a young adult, I was interested in any metaphysical subject and read voraciously about past lives, psychic awareness, and consciousness. I graduated from college in 1970 and began to teach writing in the New York public school system. My first formal metaphysical training was in the late 70's and early 80's studying psychic development, kabbala, beginning astrology, and polarity therapy with internationally known psychic channel Sandy Anastasi.

But my first foray into energy field healing was in 1985 when I gave birth to twin daughters ten weeks early. Told immediately, and for the subsequent five days, by the neo-natal doctors that neither of my babies would make it through the night, I spontaneously began laying hands on them every day as they lay in their incubators in the neo-natal intensive care unit. I would put one hand on their heart and one hand on their feet. I had no idea what I was doing, but I could feel something powerful moving through me and into them. I didn't know what was happening, only that I was supposed to keep doing this every day until they got better.

After five days, the doctors stopped telling me that my daughters would die, and instead began to list the serious and permanent physical and developmental problems they would have. I kept saying, "I have a feeling they are going to be okay," as I continued to lay hands on them daily.

To the amazement of the medical staff, my daughters not only "made it through the night," they began thriving, in spite of their initial serious problems. The nurses in the NICU began to call them "The Miracle Babies," since the problems the doctors had predicted never materialized. I kept laying on hands and they kept getting stronger and stronger. My daughters ended up coming home in two months (the doctors had predicted a minimum of six months), and today are beautiful, happy, healthy young women.

A couple years after their birth, still curious about what had happened in the NICU, I came across Barbara Ann Brennan's newly published book, Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field. The book actually fell -- maybe jumped! -- off a shelf and onto my foot in the book store. I said "Ouch!", picked it up, took one look at the cover, and exclaimed, "This is what I did with my daughters!" I bought the book, found out that Dr. Brennan was giving a talk at the bookstore the next night, signed up for that, and within a week, I had also signed up for the four-year program to learn energy field therapy from the former NASA physicist.

That was the beginning of the next phase of my life. At the Brennan School I was trained in body-centered psychotherapy and energy field therapy, and also required to do vigorous self-transformation work. After graduating from the program, I didn't consciously intend to set up a private practice, but people kept calling me wanting appointments, so I finally got the message and started seeing clients. I also began teaching workshops on the subjects that interested me, like energy anatomy and emerging consciousness and the creative process. I started The Center for New Consciousness, and for two and a half years, published New Consciousness Newsletter, which contained articles written by professionals in the field of complementary and alternative medicine, and interviews with local practitioners. You can read some of the articles I wrote in the Articles page.

Through the years, I continued to study the work of people in my field. I explored the healing work of Rosalyn Bruyere and Donna Eden and Caroline Myss; I use aspects of all their work in my practice today. I studied the wisdom teachings and read books on emerging consciousness. The astrological wisdom of Alan Oken, Alice O. Howell, Dane Rudhyar and Caroline Casey fascinated me, and my first book, Stepping into the Aquarian Age: A Guidebook for the New Evolutionary Cycle came out in 2001. I delved into the work of Abraham-Hicks on the creative process. I studied transpersonal methods for eliciting healing and expanding consciousness, got a Masters Degree in the subject, and wove everything into my practice.

In the late 1990's I began using Dr. Roger Callahan's Thought Field Therapy in some of my sessions, and then came across Gary Craig's streamlined version called Emotional Freedom Techniques. Because of the effectiveness and efficiency of EFT, it is now the foundation of my practice, and I was in the first group of practitioners to become officially certified in EFT.

My practice is about helping people create positive change, and all change is about emerging consciousness. The evolution of consciousness seems to be both organic and relentless -- we all contain a natural (although sometimes well-hidden), inner urge to become more than who we presently believe ourselves to be. Sometimes we volunteer for this journey. However, many times we are propelled there in the way that most evolution takes place -- with our backs against the wall, or down on our knees, or having hit the floor, or just plain exhausted.

I have taken this journey myself -- several times, in fact -- sometimes willingly, and sometimes kicking and screaming, but always coming out so much better for it. So it is no surprise that everyone who walks through my office door, or works with me on the phone is, on some level, asking to be guided toward an expanded awareness. And when you do ask, I am available to be a guide for your journey, whether it is a small excursion, or the hero's journey through the dark night of the soul.

With the powerful tool of EFT and other energy-based therapies, I help you become aware of your interior power and you begin to rebuild yourself from the ground up. Step by step, day by day, or minute by minute, you begin to re-inhabit your life in a more graceful, less painful way. You learn to manage your energy alignment, your nervous system calms down, and you experience a renewed sense of clarity and focus to move in a direction that you consciously choose.

In the process of your work with me, you have the opportunity to make the choice to more fully experience the spiritual aspect of your being -- to consciously get your soul involved. At this point your work becomes spiritual alchemy: taking whatever has happened to you in the past, coming to terms with (not condoning) the very painful parts, and then learning to hold whatever happened so that you find the "gold" in it -- the way that your experiences and the healing journey they required have made you stronger, braver, wiser, more insightful, more compassionate, more of who you really are. Now, like the hero who has faced the dragons and returned from the hero's journey, your life becomes about giving out in some way to others what you have learned from your experience.

And that is called coming full circle.